Thursday, August 18, 2016

Reiko Ioane

I am proud of my slide because I found lots of information. Something that challenged me was writing the information and not copying it. Next time I am tring to get more information adout him.

Thursday, June 30, 2016


I have werked hard on my art. Something that challenged me was the blending. The lerning musil was persvering(persevering)  musil that I used. The big rock is called a warter volcano when it is klose(close) it is brite(bright) and when it is far a way it is dark. I was learning about perspective means that when it is close it is big and when it far it is small.

Thursday, June 2, 2016


I have been working on my maths to find the area. I used groups of to work out the area. I lernt to brak (break) the area into 2 pieces. I lernt to put lines around them when I did 2 bits. The maths room was so triky because it was gigntik.

Saturday Rugby

Evry Satday my rugby team plays rugby.
On Thersday it is practise. At the practise we get the takol bags out and the brave  parents have to hold them and then they have to get out of the way.Some of the time we have to do zig zags uround the post.Then it was game time, we were fasing Jack B’s team, game on!! Whoo they kicd off to  us then a persin from my team skord then some  one from my team kikd it. Jack got it I was there to kwik and I wooshed him into a big pill of mud hed (head) ferst (first) that was orsom!

Monday, May 16, 2016

I am poem

I am…
Success Criteria
Use a thesaurus to choose the best vocabulary
Choose the best nouns for the poem
Choose the best adjectives to describe some nouns
Leave the reader thinking about your poem by sharing what it inside you   
I am a good werker
I wonder who I am
I hear  my saf (myself) whispering soons(sounds)
I see my souf (myself) as a good rugby player
I want to learn in my own ways
I am a good thinker
I pretend I am in the world cup
I feel so hapey when we go wild pig hunting
I touch my pupeas(puppies) boling taoll (tail)
I worry about my lerning
I cry when I am hert
I am smart
I understand what wiae to go in rugby
I say yes in my head when I get my lerning done
I dream of my salf Doing eksis (exercise)
I try my hardist at all times
I hope it is the best werk

I am a orsim werker

I have been working on a poem about me

I am proud of my I am poem because I chos(chose) the best werds(words).

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Camp Omatua

Camp Omatua was really fun.
Me and Ben went tubing together it was fun.
At camp, the most fun and best part was the tubing down the stream. I enjoyed it because when we went down we hit a rock  and it twered(twirled) around in sercols (circles) and I fell off the giant donut with choclite (chocolate) and sprinkles.
Me and my friends are eating the  yum apolls (apples)
                                          That is worm (warm)
 I went zooming down

Something that challenged me was to triy to get to the end on the wooter (water) slide. I ran and jumped and yes I made it.

I really enjoyed the food all of it was yum and like making the tosteas (toasties)and cooking them on the fier (fire).